Thursday, February 21, 2013

A couple of photos

I have been trying to get the blue birds who have been hanging around. I guess they stay all winter. Someone told me they even stay in the houses, but I haven't seen any coming and going, but we sure have plenty around. We no longer feed the birds because of Leta, our barn kitty. She is a MAJOR hunter. We do have a bird bath in the dog yard/perenial garden, but it isn't the same attraction as a feeder. She does kill some birds, but mostly she is a mousing machine. We have so many mice in the fields around us, that keeps her pretty busy. The occasional bird might be one that just happens in her way. I have seen it happy. 

Anyway, this pretty fellow arrived in the tree as I was waiting for the blue birds. We have a bunch of these around, too!!

 Here is Killer. I call her my Pit Bull kitty. She is VERY strong!! She has her winter supply of fat right now, but honestly she isn't really THAT fat. She is simply a BEAST. This is one rugged kitty. Very squarely built with a short and THICK tail, that she can puff out like I have never seen. She came from a feral colony The Friends of Feral Felines trapped. She is now quite friendly and even affectionate. She does NOT want to come inside, though. Which kind of bums me out. I always invite the barn kitties in, if they want. I have had some who ended up living inside, but most come in and then panic. They want to live outside and we have been very lucky to have them live good long and full lives here, regardless of the coyotes and foxes. :D

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