Friday, February 8, 2013

Dory sucks!

That's what I am calling today.........Storm Dory. Get it? Dory was the fish that sprung Nemo. We weren't even really supposed to get snow like this until Nemo arrived later. We have about a foot already!!! I have had to shovel four times already just to get the Pin Heads out to potty. The weather on line says today is supposed to be "much warmer" than yesterday. Huh? It is 17 and that's as high as it got today, so far. They said it would be around 30. Still saying that on my weather station on line. What???? That's DOUBLE almost what the temp is now. Not really looking forward to Nemo arriving. I guess maybe Nemo has arrived, I don't know. We are just getting dumped on!!!

I can't believe just this week I was doing this.......

This was a fun practice. What I like most is how happy Spur is!! And playing with his frisbee in training, that is HUGE!!!! He sure is a different dog!

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