Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Colby update! She is doing SO much better!!

We have been bringing out her special ball every morning. It makes her very happy!! Spur waits patiently for her to leave it and then he grabs it. 

Not sure what Roscoe said to him, but his body language shows he is about to flop over in submission! He's such a weenie.

She sometimes just stares at it!

 Then stares at him when he takes it.

 Then they both do this little look away thing. A truce. 
 We lowered her prozac and no longer have to give her xanax to have an appetite! She is even eating kibble and dry/hard cookies! Go figure. I am bummed about the snow, but she did go snow shoeing with us yesterday and did well! We found dry ground on the farm.

This beautiful blue bird was sitting in the morning sun yesterday. I wasn't at the right angle, but still you can see his red breast glowed in the winter sun!!! Everything is so grey and white right now that his little red breast caught my eye easily even though he was way up in the tree!!!

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  1. That's awesome news! It sounds like things are truly on the up for her!