Monday, February 18, 2013

Snow sucks!

It gets in the way of our dog shows, damn it! Last weekend cancelled due to the blizzard. This weekend I didn't go because it was enough snow to make driving miserable. CRAP!!!! NOW is the time of  year I MOST want to be indoors doing agility. Instead I was stuck home. The only thing good about the weather was we did get a really good jump on our painting project.

The new bathroom and walk in closet area is getting SO close to being done!! In fact, today the glass people come and that is the LAST intruders!!! They put the door and enclosure on the shower. We can then wash the tile and even USE THE SHOWER!!! OMG!!! This has been a THREE MONTH "NIGHTMARE"!!! It was supposed to take three WEEKS!!! But, our idiot choice of a contractor ended us in a pile of disorder and chaos. A mini-show worthy of Holmes on Homes. Seriously, we had to take apart some of what he did, the whole shower floor/pan and re-do some of the plumbing. Hiring new guys to come, which meant waiting on their schedules. It TOTALLY SUCKED!!! And cost us about $2000 more than we planned. Damn IT!!

But, the end is in sight!! YAY!!! Some pretty big painting jobs left, like windows and doors and some more trim, but really all the major painting is DONE!!!!! Oh, and this weekend I had to spot paint some water stains from the blizzard. Snow blew into the attic and melted and stained the freshly painted ceiling. Sweet!!! >:/ 
Actually, good that it was the freshly painted ceiling because touch up isn't noticed. This happened one time before during a blizzard, so we need to be mindful of that and check the attic for blown in snow. A rare event, but that was a rare storm.

This photo looks from the bathroom into the big closet room. Who has a "closet room". I can call it a walk-in closet, but really it isn't a closet. It is a room. With windows! However, it is definitely a closet room. It will have all our clothes, shoes, ironing board, mirror, changing area. It was a useless room before. A spare room we used once in the past two years for guests. Before that it was used maybe once/year for guests. We have a full spare bedroom and a pull out couch in Rich's office. We have enough room for guests. So, we didn't have enough closet space in our bedroom, so this room is now a big master walk in "closet room". :D

 Same view, to show how the lemon grass green looks with the brevity brown. I call it chocolate.
View from our bedroom closet door. LOT of light and that area to the right will be for hanging clothes. We will then hand a curtain/drape to keep sun out. This was previously our closet space and that window simply had a shade on it all the time. There is another closed in close just to the right of where Spur is. It is a very pretty space now!!!
 Oh, I have gotten SO good at cut out!!! One of my best EVER!!!! :D

Looking from the closet room into the bathroom. There are French doors there, in case someone wanted privacy? Seriously, um, I think those doors will be unused. No one can see if you pull shades down! But, Rich insisted on making the bathroom totally separate if needed. Well, heck, then if we absolutely needed to we could put a blow up bed in the closet room for company?

All ready for the hand made mirror's Rich's dad has made for us!! He made two square, framed mirrors for above each sink. They are stained the same color as the vanity - cabernet. What you are not seeing is the glass, which arrives today! There will be glass from that half wall of tile to the ceiling and then a door to get in.

 I am having no color choice regrets!! I LOVE the chocolate walls!! The contrast to the white marble (OK, it's just plastic) vanity top and the white trim is really pretty!!!
 Spur is SO tired of this project. Two days of painting! Yesterday he didn't even get a walk! It was THAT nasty out. We didn't get that much snow, but the winds were blowing 45 MPH and temp never got above 22. It was NASTY out. We did some training and played inside, but it was a very boring day to be a dog. He does like to help and never left our sides all day. The MinPins stayed by the woodstove.
Now for all the essentials. What do we do for shades? A rug? Door nobs? I thought we ordered draw pulls for the vanity, but Rich says no. Huh, I totally remember picking them out, but he says we never ordered any. 

And how does one clean tile? I have never had a tiled shower. Do you use bleach? Or not?

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