Sunday, December 11, 2011

Too skinny?

TOO FAT!! Even with her summer coat you can BARELY see any ribs. It is shaded, but she has cellulite on her thighs!!! Fat pockets on her rump and shoulders and what a belly. TOO FAT!

I work really hard to keep my animals lean. Jewel was SO fat for a while there and with adding Jazz this fall I have been able to get her weight down to where I am happy. However, our recent vet visit had the vet saying she is TOO THIN????? WHAT? This is a horse who has chronic lyme and several bouts of laminitis. She SHOULD be thin.

Personally, I think she is just right, but the pressure of the vet saying such a thing has me wanting some weight on her. I hate that. Really, I hate to think my convictions are over-ridden by opinions by others. But, they are. I do feel that way and she'll be fattened up in no time. Damn it!!!

This photo is yesterday after she races around and heated up so her winter coat is flat. You can see ribs......YAY!! I LIKE that.

It depends on the angle and position, here she sure looks fat......

Here she looks perfect (even with her butt whole waving at us. :P).

Looks good to me. She doesn't carry weight on her neck like Precious (a Morgan) she carries it more in her belly and butt. See the top photo. Nice neck even when FAT.

She looks pretty good here next to fatty patty Jazz. Vet said he was just right. Personally, I sure wouldn't want him any fatter.
I don't get it. I think the thing is that most vets see so many FAT horses that when they see one lean they are surprised. I think that goes for small animal vets, too. They are just not used to seeing lean pets. It is always better/healthier to be lean. Studies prove that!!! It just is!!!


  1. I think you are exactly right about many vets just seeing a lot of fat/obese animals, and not seeing many lean, in-shape animals. Even many of the agility folks around here keep too much weight on their dogs, imo. I like to feel bone on a dog, not a layer of chunk over the ribs.

    My older agility dog went under for a tooth extraction a couple of years ago. The techs were freaking out because her heart rate was much lower than they were used to seeing under anasthesia. My vet, a friend, knew that she was just in great shape with a low resting heart rate.

  2. I don't know anything about how horses should look, but I know plenty of vets that have no idea what a proper dog should look like. Thankfully my vet isn't one of them and has even taken a picture of Lance to show all the other corgi owners how a corgi should actually look!