Friday, December 30, 2011

More Jewel

I think she looks better. Boy, we had half the manure pile taken away and it is STILL huge!!! And always in the photos, damn it!! She is SO out of shape, and that belly...........

But still maybe a little thin? I really think she looks good to me, but I hate having a vet tell me with such intensity that she is too thin. If it were my dogs I wouldn't even think about it. I would just tell the vet, no, they are just right they are performance dogs and need to be thin. With Jewel, though, since she is sick.......lyme.......I don't want people thinking she is too thin. I want her thin, her laminitis concerns make me want that, but I don't want her without much fat in the middle of winter.

I know, these are better photos with the sun out and no mud on her, but I wanted the mud photos before to show her coat smoothed out and better show her condition.

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