Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rubber makes me sick?

It's winter, plain and simple. The days are short and dark, the air is chilly and the trees are naked and bare. Except for the one on Wells Rd. where they must have hired a Christmas lighting service to string. Like the WHOLE tree and it's a BIG tree. It looks AMAZING. Not sure if my little point and shoot camera can capture it, but I am going to try one of these nights.

I still have some of my agility stuff out and before we head out on our walk I try to do something like sends to jumps at a distance, the table or the teeter if there isn't a coating of ice on it. But, classes are now indoors.

Last night was my second class at a barn in Buxton. A horse barn with crushed rubber. Lots of it. It makes for really nice footing. A little slippery for us humans, but lovely for the dogs!!!
However..........I seem to have a reaction to that amount of rubber in a barn. This has happened before at certain barns - I get a TERRIBLE headache. I think I am going to have to drop out of this class. I am not heartbroken about that, it is a long, dark drive out there and it is COLD in this barn. I work outside all day in the cold, then to come in and get warm only to head out again into the cold doesn't appeal to me. So, the headaches are maybe a good reason to drop out.
I would probably hang in there if not for the headaches because it is so good for Spur to work in different environments, but the headaches are brutal. I also wonder what is the cause? The "fumes" from the crushed rubber? Is that good for us? Yeah, I do get mild headaches from indoor facilities with rubber flooring or rubber bits mixed into the field turf, but not to the extent of these indoor horse barns. I think because the indoor horse barns get so stirred up and the dust hangs in the air and is visible. I blow my nose and it's brown and icky after breathing indoor horse barn dust. That can't be good. For me or Spur.

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