Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I know, eye level!

It is aways better to get to eye level when taking photos of dogs. It appears I am WAY up above them. I am only 5'6". Weird.

I got a LITTLE lower....
Still not the great photo I thought it would be.
A pack of farm dogs. Someone on facebook said real farm dogs don't wear clothing. Huh? George is THE real farm dog and he IS wearing clothing. You can't quite see it, but he is fashioning his lovely orange vest for high visibility when he works on the farm. George's idea of work? Guess. Did you guess killing rodents? You are RIGHT! There are other killers in the photo. Can you guess? NO not the frufry shihtzu's. Goodness they couldn't kill a fly, could they? Not dressed like that. Fancy pants and fluffy heads and all. The weather has simply been strange. So warm last weekend the mares tried to find shade!!!
Found this photo of Spur. It doesn't look real!! Like his front half is one dog and his back half another. I always marvel at the optical illusions of photography............

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