Monday, December 19, 2011

Honey Come Quick!!!

It was a GREAT weekend for mix breed dogs!! For the first time, EVER, a mixed breed was FIRST place at an AKC National event!!! Dana Pike's, Tangle, a little jack russell papillon mix won the 8" jump class at the AKC National Invitational this weekend!!! WAY TO GO Dana and Tangle!!!!!

For the first time EVER Spur-de-Blur WON his Excellent B standard class in AKC this weekend!!! Out of about 20 dogs, many of them very fast shelties!!! Race, our National Champion in USDAA, had a fault at the table and probably would have had a time about 6 seconds faster, but he FAULTED. And Jones, the super fast schnauzer also had a fault, so with those two eliminated Spur ROCKED IT!!! One of his fastest standard times, ever. 5 YPS. And I know he has more in him.

I do have video, but I need to load it. He ended up with nearly 90 MACH points over the two days. The courses were made for us. Nice, flowy, open with just a couple tiny little subtle challenges that got a lot of people. We managed to hang on for a perfect weekend. :D

I THINK he was the only mix breed there. Not totally sure about that as I didn't stay for the Open and Novice.



  1. Let's see if I can post a comment. Prudence Rabbit, no that is a missprint it should say 4 yps!! Bwaaaa!!! He has done a 5.75 yps jumpers run before, but no not standard!! LOL!!