Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silvia says

Am I obsessed with Silvia Trkman? Yep. I am not in denial, I admit it!!!!

In her latest DVD about Speed and Conditioning she mentions toys. And how you can really just make anything a toy. I get that. Spur's favorite toy that makes him INSANE is a horse's lunge whip. Roscoe, too. Snap that whip and watch the boys go NUTS!!! It's how I taught them REALLY fast weaves. Now, if I could only make that snapping sound at a trial as they are heading into the weaves, they would FLY!!!

Kitties like boxes, just plain old used boxes.............Chloe with the box I brought her for Christmas. She loved it!!!! I tossed a crumpled bit of paper into it and she dove in to get the paper!!!

Another kitty I know likes Q-tips. Or crumpled up post-it notes.

Zep, he likes old stalks of broccoli. On our farm walk yesterday he joined us and being the sheltie he is, he just barks and barks and barks. I needed Excedrin Migraine when we got home. So, I grabbed him a broccoli stalk. He loved it!!!! Until he dropped it and the barking started again. I think he would rather bark than drag the broccoli, but we kept handing it to him because it did give us moments of quiet. Hey kid, shut up and eat your broccoli!!!!


  1. I got the dvd as my Christmas present to myself! Unfortunately I accidentally ordered the dvd rather than the downloadable option so I have to wait :(

  2. Let's see if I can post a comment again!

    LLandV - it's worth the wait and for me I would rather watch DVD's on my TV instead of my computer.

    As for Daisy's class - yes, she definitely does things differently. No speed at first, although she seems to think the dogs are "running nicely". I don't. They are loping along, BUT they do have hind feet seperation. It will be interesting to see if it holds up. Right now the only dog trained start to finish with her method is Juno. I know quite a few of the folks in her first RDW class and they are all cross-overs from Silvia, which taints the picture. I want to see a bunch of successes from start to finish with her method before I can really give an opinion. However, I will say I think it is easier for people to grasp. They learn to see the hits better in slower speed. And Juno sure has begun to show better speed now. Daisy herself admitted that she hardly feels qualified to teach it. What bugs me a little is that she isn't giving Silvia credit for anything, yet she is VERY proprietary herself and a total diva about her work and requests everyone keep their videos private. Geez, get over yourself!!!! People are going to take your work if it's any good, so just be flattered if they do. Silvia freely offers her work and isn't sensitive about people stealing it. She has many top instructors using her method and getting her help. Of course, they are going to start teaching it. Right now she has Rachel Sanders, Terry Smorch, Emily Hurt, Olga Chaicko, Jen Pinder, Angie Benaquisto, Ashley Deacon all using her method. Emily, Olga and Angie are in the latest RDW class.
    Daisy can barely fill her classes. Part of it is her HORRIBLE website. And her attitude, I think. She really is not a very good coach. That's my opinion!!!

  3. That's great ththat so many big trainers are trying out Silvia's method! It should be exciting to watch the world events in a couple years when so many new dogs grow up with fantastic running contacts!

    It'll be interesting to see how the different variations of running dogwalks all play out. We're so new into this area that I think Silvia's method is the only proven one for dogwalks. But as simple as the method is it seems as the speed aspect is so hard for people to grasp. On her website it seems the number one thing she repeats over and over again in the comment section is how the dog isn't running fast enough. If Daisy's variations work, and end up with just as fast of DWs, we could have an interesting split of people in the same way handling systems have evolved with their rules of what to do and not do. I don't think anyone could ever beat Silvia in cult following though :)

  4. LL & V - yeah, my thoughts are that if someone combines the methods you would get an AMAZING understanding. I just wish SOMEONE would make a RC DVD. Soon, I bet.

    No, Silvia is in a whole different realm. :D Can't even compare, really.