Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My dogs are jerks!

Spur and I seems to be the only oness who got this joke........ Do they look like jerks? Innocent little dogs, A? Bwaaaaaaa!!!! Actually, they really aren't THAT bad any more, but I have to be sure when someone starts coming on our property with another dog that my dogs will be OK. Roscoe's drugless brain seems to be fine, he's adjusting and doing really well. Still grumpy to the others at home, but not that bad that I think he needs the meds again. Spur is MUCH better with other dogs, but he can still be a jerk especially on HIS turf. Colby is also better as her eyesight fails, she simply can't react like she used to and has better self-preservation. However............

They are still protective little dogs and might not be very nice to an intruder on their property. Like the lady with the husky who joined Mary this morning, our neighbor who walks through regularly with her ancient dog who my dogs have an agreement with. They do aggress at Pepper and she at them, but nothing terrible and we like Mary enough, so we don't mind, it's a deal. But, for Mary to start bringing her friends along without those friends speaking to us............um.......no. I have to be sure I don't have to leash my dogs on MY OWN PROPERTY!!!!

Rich had already spoken to them about this, but apparently Mary didn't listen. I approached them this morning and discussed my asshole dogs to her and asked if her husky would be OK if they were not nice to her dog. She looked kind of blank and mumbled something about the dog is fine at the local park off leash - "she is better off leash". Um, OK, but coming through here the dog is on leash - is she not going to hurt my little dogs if they are jerks? She says my dog doesn't look that little, as she asks if Spur is a border collie. I am starting to feel my blood pressure rising and say......"Well, one of them is 9lbs., and not that is a mixed breed dog". She asks how many dogs I have. What difference does that make??? Again I ask if her dog will be OK if my dogs are not nice to her dog? She just looks away with that strange blank stare again and Mary tries to speak and I have to interrupt and tell Mary I am not talking to her, I want to know if this husky will be OK with my not very friendly little dogs? I don't mind people coming through here with dogs, but I don't want to have to leash MY dogs when they do, so I have to make sure their dog is going to be OK with my jerk dogs. I get a blank stare off into the distance. I tell her I am not getting the feeling she thinks it will be OK. That blank stare again. What's up with that??? I am not getting a good feeling, at all. She isn't sure. Her silence is loud and clear.
Finally, Mary says something about not coming through with her friend. OK. Deal done.
I'm not sure why Mary's friend couldn't speak for herself.

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