Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas day

We shoveled in fish stew!! YUM!!!

My sister is a GOOD cook. Lobster, haddock, shrimp and salmon.

Poured over garlic bread.........

After taking the dogs for a nice long walk, we met up with Nate and decided to also shoved shit! Well, OK, it was a BIG shovel! And Nate did the shoveling. Amazing how much shit there was, even after many BIG shovel fulls taken away!

For a lot of shit!

After dinner we like to play table games. My sister bought a new one at the book store called "Dirty Minds". She said it looked cute and silly. Oh, it was silly alright. Not so cute, though. Here's the first card, which the first person reads one clue to the person on their left. That person then tries to guess the word or words from the clue. You read on down the clues if they can't guess the right answer. This one seemed fine. Didn't get the answer, but OK, game on..........

Next was Jeff's turn to read the clues to Ruby, my neice, his 16 yo daughter. The box did say for ages 17 and up. Sister Sara thought it couldn't be THAT bad, right. Wrong. Jeff starts to read the clues and turns red and giggles a little then finally says he just can't ask Ruby these clues............

Oh My!!!! We stopped playing.

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