Friday, December 2, 2011

One of Spur's runs last weekend

We worked on his start, doing the vault and go or vault and then back up and go. This one I should have kept his leash on for the vault as I couldn't seem to break him out of his barking and the barking was GOOD. So, instead I flap my fingers at him and have to INSIST he vault, which isn't good. But, I think it's not a bad start, will see on the second jump he actually LANDS on it and it STAYS UP??? That worries him, thus the trotting after. I tell him he's a GOOD BOY and try to just keep going, no biggie, hit a jump and you'll live little Monkey Pants Weenie Boy.......he DOES live and lives really nicely for the rest of the run!!!!
And not a bad table, just a second or two lost. What I love most about this run is his DW. He NAILS it and if you listen really closely you will hear someone in the background saying......"Wow, nice dogwalk!". I LOVE that and could repeat that over and over and over. OK, so I have repeated that over and over and over. I LOVE that!!! :D It WAS a nice dogwalk. From no speed to an awesome four paw hit!! The judge even says as she runs to see it....."Yep!!", but you don't hear that. I DID! :D

It was a small trial, so this run was actually one of the fastest standard runs. I think maybe only one dog ran it faster. :D Many NQ'd due to missing that down contact. Some tried to front cross, some peeled off like I did, but it didn't matter many dogs missed that contact. I am pretty lucky he took that last jump. It was quite a slice and he could have easily not taken it, good little man!!!

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  1. What a nice run except for that pesky jump! the DW was gorgeous, and what a tough turn!