Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend trial report!

Did one day USDAA. Spur was AWESOME!!! He loves this sight now. He won his jumpers with a really nice run first thing! Then won Snooker for his third Super Q, which was nice. Only one other dog got as many points. Good little Monkey Pants! Then I totally messed up in Standard and........gasp......he missed his contact!! :O

Good GRIEF, I feel like that is just falling apart! It was from a stop, so no speed with a naked single jump after. Oi.

So, I did it in his gamble class and he was good, ran it great and hit it fine, but then I totally turn into a Gambletard!!! Messed up his approach to the a-frame, which didn't matter, I just then sent him to a tunnel, but then my plan was all messed up and we ended up in a very bad position for a VERY easy gamble and didn't get it. I had plenty of time to regroup and reposition to get the gamble, but do I? NO, I fucking fall apart and just keep going and good little man did what he was supposed to for how I was positioned, but that wasn't part of the gamble. This was an EASY gamble we should have gotten. And that's all we need for his P-ADCH - four more gambles!!! OMG - it's like a curse. A gamble curse.

We won pairs, but gamble was the last class so I drove home cursing myself. He was a good boy, though, but DAMN IT!!!! That makes two easy gambles we haven't gotten. ACK!!!!! Glad the Nationals will only have a time gamble. Much easier. Sigh........

Yesterday rained all day, but during a mild break I put a tunnel at each end of the DW and ran him back and forth. Six reps with success each time. I will practice that set up all week to get some good reps in and MY confidence back that he can do that nicely. After Nationals I will challenge him again, but not before!!!!!


  1. What a great trial! You'll get the P-ADCH soon enough :)

  2. Haha, Amy, think about how far he has come! He is like a miracle success story! So awesome to see you guys rocking out! You'll get there...