Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunflowers, for naught?

See, the trouble is the ground is FAR too wet to get in with the carbine. For naught, nah.............the rodents and crows and songbirds and other wildlife are having a lovely meal.

They are simply falling off the stalks.

I mean, seriously!!! How the heck was this thing going to get in there to harvest them?? It is ENORMOUS!!!

At this point I don't think a harvest is possible. Simple too much rain. This sure has been one wet October!!!If I had thought to bring my camera today I could have shown the water these are basically sitting in. Darn it!!! Sure was a pretty scene. Now, just brown and kind of sad. Well, not so sad for the little birds, crows and other critters. It is a rodent's buffet out there!! The dogs enjoy it, nosing deep into the grass, sniffing out tiny mice and moles.

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