Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two of Spur's runs

We definitely lost a lot of speed on our starts. I think the lack of fans at the in gate made a difference and I must figure out how to work through that and keep him happier by myself at the start. He sure was fine in the crowds and walking the grounds, always pulling to get back in the building, never looking worried walking around, but we sure showed a lack of speed and a bit of a melt down during the first few obstacles as the week progressed. I know he never looks real happy when I hold him for our starts, so I want to get HAPPY on the start lines. My winter project, for sure.

His dog walks were PERFECT all weekend!! Absolutely perfect! In fact, I think he was happiest doing tunnels and DW's. I just need to get him happy like that during his starts and at other sections of the course. I am still VERY PROUD of how well he held it together at such a HUGE event. Over 1000 runs some days!!! Five rings going from 7 AM to well into the evening some nights. He sure did well, good Little Monkey Pants!!!

He was National Champion of Cuteness, that was for sure. I had more people stop us and ask about him and exclaim about his cuteness!!!! Of course, he LOVED that!!!! :D

This was PTeam Standard I think -

This was PSJ semis. Not good enough for finals, for sure, but a respectable run. -

Must get better about instructing my videographers to zooming in. It's hard to just grab anyone and toss them a camera. Most of the other videos are SO blurry and SO far away they are not worth posting. One run was simply never even filmed because I didn't set it right, doi!!!

I wish I could post here my teammates winning video, but she posted it to facebook not youtube and I can't capture it. She was 10 seconds faster than us for one of our runs. Usually we were about 4-5 seconds slower. That's a LOT of time. His PGP quarters we were 7 seconds slower and I thought that was one of his better runs, LOL!!! They are just out of our league, or we are just out of THEIR league!!! :O

Honestly, her dog is too good for Performance and really should be in Championship. He is brilliant and SO fast and she is a very experienced handler, a past World Team member. They really don't belong in Performance. Her dog is a brilliant jumper and can easily jump the higher jumps. I don't usually say that as I feel most dogs have to work too hard in their heights, but not this one. I believe she is going to move him up now. Now that she cleaned up in Performance Nationals, LOL!!!

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  1. Awesome!!!! That DW looked fantastic, even from a distance!