Friday, October 28, 2011

This year's costume!

Seemed appropriate this year!!! :D My Little Sunflower!!!!

Surely no one thinks I made him do all those costumes in ONE DAY??? Those go WAY back. I think the clown ones were about 9 years ago. Notice no grey on his muzzle??

I had more, but I guess they never made it to this "new" computer. He wore a Harley Davidson skull cap and sat on my scooter one year. Then he was in a cowboy outfit and sat on a saddle on Gabe. That one was awesome!!!!!

And, yes, Laura, Lance and Vito - he owes me this. But, seriously, he is more uptight each and every day, lately (snow last night and in our near future!!!), when I have to put his coat on to go for a walk. He hates wearing clothing. So, ultimately he is dressed up in a "costume" every single day come cold weather. At least for Halloween costumes he gets a pile of cookies!!!!

1 comment:

  1. So creative!!! He must really hate you now :)

    Oh and I totally get dressing for the weather with booties or jackets in the winter or cool coats in the summer. It's all the other craziness that I raise an eye brow at.