Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Wow, epic driving trip!!! 13 hours in the car yesterday and my ASS hurt! But, home now and re-living it all. WHAT a BLAST!!! Definitely not as hard as I thought it would be. I hear the dust and walking between rings on cement was really hard last year, but it didn't seem to bother me like I thought it might! :D

I suppose since I walk a lot of dogs on pavement every day I am used to that. They watered the rings each night/morning so the dust wasn't as bad, I hear. I SO wish I had taken more photos. What was I thinking? I had my camera every day, but you know, it was SUCH a HUGE event I was just taking it all in and kept forgetting to get photos.

Nearly and sometimes over 1000 runs each day made it quite an event. SO glad I had my "ass pad". I have a gel cushion seat I bought earlier this year for bringing to dog shows to sit on and it was SO nice to have. I am not used to all that sitting and my ass/leg/hip starts to hurt. My ass pad helped SO much.

I do have some more photos and some videos to post later. Right now I need to bathe Spur. The dirt was really nice to run on, but............well........it was dirty. :O He needs a bath. And I have a bunch of laundry to do.

Internet at the hotel was a bummer. I managed to check email and weather, and then tried to post here, but would get shut down, damn it! And there was unfortunately no wifi at the facility. They didn't want to clog up the server at the site because of the live-feed. Oh well. My iPad doesn't have satellite capacity, so I depend on wifi.

Spur did SO freakin' well I am bursting with pride!!!

Baby Spur (hmmm, he's four, but with 12 year old housemates, that makes him the "baby"!) really held it together at Nationals in KY!!!! Such a good Little Monkey Pants shelter dog!! Held it together to make it to semis in both PSJ and PGP and miss finals by only 6 dogs in PGP!!! With nearly 1000 runs every day it was a little over-whelming for us, but we had a BLAST!!! He ran clean in every run!!!

He was 10th in quarter finals, 17th in semis (they took the first 12!!), so we didn't make finals. But, what a good little buddy!!

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  1. What a blast! And congratulations on so many clean runs!!!!