Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spur's RDW videos

Yesterday I made a bunch of videos. I found that Movie Maker locks up only once a day, so if I make more movies after the first lock up it works great!!! Go figure?

Spur's runnings into nothing are when he is going left. Towards the course and a jump is going to the right -

Silvia says I just need to be up ahead with him for now. Not sure I see where I am any different during the leaps, but maybe?

At home he isn't as fast. He sure likes an audience!!! LOL!!! Plus, my dog walk is wooden and only 10" wide, so it's like a highway on a rubber 12" dog walk at Anne's.

This time going left is into a tunnel, going right is into nothing -

This video he is a little faster. Can you tell why? A friend (Hi Lisa!!!) is videoing! He likes his fans to watch!!!! :D

The first part of this video going right is into nothing, left going into a tunnel. At 1:25 I switch to curved tunnels either direction since we need to practice good hits before Nationals next week. :O Yikes!!!

**Laura, Lance and Vito!!! I watched Lance's Utility run and it was AWESOME!!!! Very impressive!!! He sure looks happy!!!! Congrats, well done!!!!!


  1. Wow, so I totally just watched all 6min of little Spur running. Awesome! That is a lot of dogwalks and he hit what, at least 85?!

    It really is hard for him to do 3 hits but he's trying so hard! I didn't notice any difference of where you were vs him but I guess I was more so watching him. At least you can usually tell if he's going to hit it or not from that first stride on the down ramp.

  2. Wow, Amy, he looks great! He definitely adjusts his striding to get the hit. Can you count how many strides beginning to end, he usually does, when he is going fast, and get the 3 strides on the down, hitting the contact? Not sure that it would help a lot to know, just curious. He really looks great. There were a few big leaps (I actually think those leaps came when you were further ahead of him, but who knows) but otherwise he is very successful! How excited are you for Nationals!?!? I can't wait to see the video! Go Spur! Wooo hoo!