Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween season!

Is that really a season? YEP!! Or a holiday? YEP!!! Around here it is!! And it is really fun. Especially if you live in Cape Elizabeth. There is a scare crow contest going on. I MUST get photos! Some of them are really awesome!

Roscoe spent many years entering Fetch's Howlaween costume contest and winning many times. It was a great way to practice his sit-stays and self control. For those who think dressing your dogs up in costumes is mean and unfair, um.........think of all we do for our dogs day in and day out!! We pick up their shit, clean up their barf, vacuum up their hair and dirt they track in our houses, pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in food and vet bills, provide them comfy cushions and beds and toys and treats................excuse ME???? Mean and unfair???? We love these dogs every day and provide them safe homes and awesome lives. I think for our silly and warped amusement they can deal with a silly costume or two for all of a few minutes. Certain ROSCOE can!!! For all the times he has caused us trouble and anxiety and embarrassment over his rotten behavior I think it is a very small thing for him to do............dress up in a costume and get some cookies. I promise you he knows the drill now and sits still and waits for his cookies and it is ALL worth it to him!!!! The only thing Roscoe will not do for me for cookies is swim. Dress up for a few minutes in a silly costume, piece of cake!!! He's got that one down!

Sure, there are some dogs out there (my sweet Jess was SO embarrassed, she was horrified!) who should not have to do it. However, I firmly believe that most dogs don't think it is the worst thing they ever have to do, no matter how sad they look. I think most dogs feel worse every day we walk out the door and leave them behind. Dress up in a costume? Not so bad, really. For most, it's attention and they get cookies and made a big fuss over. For some, maybe more attention than they usually get in a day - just saying.
It's just not that horrible a thing. It just isn't, so no more "Poor Roscoe"'s! Roscoe he would rather dress up in a silly costume than get his nails done and I have to do his nails many times through out the year. Dress up? Once a year. He can handle it, it is sure not the worst thing in the world! And handle it he does!!!

So, I don't want to hear another word about how mean I am and how sad Roscoe looks. Whatevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......................he owes me this and he gets his cookies!!!!!.............The clown saw Marge Simpson's hair dresser -

Harry Potter -

Ba-Roscoe-bama -

Spidey Man -
I'll post more. I have been posting these on Facebook, too.

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  1. Yes!!! I'm not really a fan of dressing up dogs but Halloween is certainly an exception! They owe it to us!