Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Daily Teeter!

Last winter as I put away my teeter I noticed the plank was rotting. I took it off the base and used it as a running plank for our RDW work. Works fine for that.

But, that meant I had no teeter over the winter. I don't usually, but that might have been a good idea. Either in the basement or the barn, so Spur could keep at it with his teeter work. The lack of that meant several refused teeters at trials over the winter.

So, I painted a new plank in March and put it on my base and have had it outside set up as a precursor to our daily walks. It's right on our way out and I send him and do several before we take our walks. Sometimes I ask for a few bang it games. But, mostly I just tell him to GO TARGET (my cue for the teeter) as we head out and he charges to it each time, good little Monkey Pants!!!! He hasn't refused one since! Yay!! It's a constant issue and probably always will be.

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