Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We made it to the beach yesterday knowing today would be rainy and miserable.

We went with Spur's best friend, George. And my good friend, Kathy! No photos of us humans, but lots of the dogs!!! Handsome George........ George sports a nice orange vest. No, not because we worry about hunting season on the beach. In fact, we don't worry about hunting season around here at all. George wears that vest so WE can see him. George is all terrier and when that little terrier puts his mind to something, he's off. Keeping a close eye on him is essential and the vest makes it a lot easier to see him on these dim lighted November beach days. George off leash is always a risk, but the vest makes it a lot easier. George was a good boy this day. He spent some time on leash, but he also had plenty of time off leash. Racing with Spur!!!
Spur LOVES George, in that attach to the neck like a tick kind of love....... Poor George. Happy Spur.
Roscoe looks cold, but really it wasn't THAT cold. The trouble is his lovely Apache River dog coat has lost it's velcro sticky, so I have to attach it farther down the velcro and that leaves a gap under his belly. We have two new coats arriving soon. We have a "very sharp" blue plaid coming and a nice, new burgundy one. :D Roscoe gets some sharp new duds!
It was actually a really nice beach day!! If my camera had an auto-flash I think it would have gone off, but it doesn't. I have to trigger the flash if I want it to consider using it. I think it might have used it on this shot.
Not sure why the need to navigate the rocks, but my guess would be something smelled good to eat! I mean, really, does that look fun???

THIS is more like it!!! Poor Roscoe wants so badly to join in the race, but he feels intimidated. He will chase Spur, but when George is in the picture he won't go. Not really sure I get it, because George would NEVER speak to Roscoe. He won't even speak to Spur who attaches like a tick to his neck, over and over and OVER until I can't take it any more. It may have something to do with worry that Spur might not like him joining in. Spur has been a bit more aggressive with Roscoe. Rightly so, but still it's something I have to monitor. Roscoe is nearly 12 years old and Spur is only 3. The elder must be protected. Interesting fact, here, Roscoe now wants to play with Spur more than ever. Does that make sense? Spur beats up Roscoe more then ever and Roscoe now wants to play? Respect? He now has respect for Spur? Roscoe sure is an interesting Muffin Head. I haven't videoed my dogs interacting in a while, it may be time for that. It's all so interesting, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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