Friday, November 12, 2010

Computers. Some people enjoy them.

I saw my friend Marti on the beach yesterday. She mentioned my newsletter and how nice it was and how much she enjoys it and looks forward to it. Very nice to hear those words because, honestly, the newsletter MAKES ME CRAZY!!! I love it when I can figure things out on the computer, like slow motion and combining videos, that's REALLY COOL, but newsletters and computer maintenance/clean up. Not so much. Like so much dislike my neck is sore this morning.

Mikie, our computer geek friend, came over yesterday to clean up my system. This is an OLD computer and runs slow. Makes doing newsletters a BUMMER DUDES! He said it actually wasn't too messed up. In fact, hardly at all. OK, so I am pretty careful about stuff and we do have a super dread not security protection, but still there are times it is SO slow. He dumped some unnecessary programs, turned off some that were on auto-turn on. Hahahahaha, that sounds kinki!!! But, what I REALLY wanted help with was loading my Sony Handicam program. I tried to load that before and couldn't get it to work. Well, regardless of the minimal clean up needed we still ran out of time.

I love my flip but it doesn't have very good zoom, it has horrible definition. I want to go back to using my handicam. But, I need the program on here so I can edit videos. Just can't figure that out on my own.

Another day. Another day giving me a sore neck doing computer shit. Maybe I won't get a sore neck if we do it on a really crappy day. Yesterday I kept looking outside wanting to be out there doing stuff, instead of sitting in here cleaning up my computer. We did manage a walk while it was doing "disk clean up", but still, two hours inside on the computer during a rare November lovely afternoon sucked.

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