Friday, November 19, 2010

More running contacts!

Silvia told me to toss the toy in advance. As early as he can see it!! Well........we were getting a TON of jumping. Darn it. He is just SO stimulated by the toy he doesn't think. And he has to think to hit his contact. Had I trained it right from the start I don't think he would have to think. It would be muscle memory. But, with all the troubles he has had, worries, teeter issues, distrust in me, all the paw wringing, he has to think. It's just his nature. So, with the toy tossed in advance he sure does run faster, but leaps the contact a fair amount. She also suggested going back down to a lower or flat plank. THAT we can do and even with the toy tossed in advance he runs that pretty well. So, we will do a lot of that. Maybe even start over and slowly raise that plank. On the flat our success rate is nearly 100% unless I toss the toy really high, which I did once and he JUMPED off to get it. Doi! I do have to be careful how I toss the toy, dumb ass I am!!! I do like how on the flat he drives ahead of me really fast. He isn't FULL out running, but definitely faster and no stride adjustments! Yay!

Tried to film more on the dog walk, but with the low light the resolution sucks. And I had Lisa zoom in more and that isn't great. I'll have to try again. There is definitely more stride adjustment with the toy tossed after the hit or as he hits than when tossed in advance, but definitely more success. In this film I don't note the jumps, but I think there are two or three. So, percentage in this session counting I think about 80%. This movie is long. Too long and not well edited. If you managed to watch the whole thing note that the sequence is backwards, dumb ass I am. His first runs are last and his last runs are first in the movie. What that shows me is tossing the toy in advance does increase speed, BUT also jumps. Success also increases speed, as too many failures deflates him. There is a balance I need to figure out.

And just for your entertainment purposes.........check out THIS dog!! OMFreakin'G.......this is scary fast! A little too fast for MY liking, but kind of fun to watch. I mean, seriously Muffin Head's is this dog really in control????? A couple of the runs the dog actually glances over at her. YIKES!!!

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