Sunday, November 21, 2010

I think we are getting some where!

He is sure faster on the flat. So, I will start over with him and also continue full dog walk work.

This plank work video has one jump, the very first one. Oh MY!!! But, then he settles down and gets to his business and stays focused.

I added audio for the first time. Not sure why it cuts out half way? Oh well, still learning about video editing. I am a SLOW learner.

This is the fastest he has run his plank or dog walk since his teeter issue, I think! Good Little Spur-minator!!


  1. WHOA! Holy smokes Spur man! Amy, he is FLYING! I love how he drops down into his frame, digs in and REALLY, REALLY stretches out! He is flatter than I have ever seen him run a board! Nice work! He is not AS fast one the raised DW... but still much faster than I think I have ever seen him. The cool thing is that on the plank, you see what his DW can ultimately look like! He looks like he is "thinking" (over-thinking and worrying) less too! How did you get here, from when we spoke last, when you were worried about where things were going. Has he figured out the new reward delivery system and is just getting used to it, or did you change something else? Nice job!!! Huge inspiration! I am going to post Griff's latest RC's right now... take a look and let me know what you think. Did you start with a wide board with Spur?

  2. I just kept at it. I don't jackpot the plank in the back yard. He doesn't need it there. He is more relaxed and seriously pumped to do the work there, so by just being less happy he figures it out. And Silvia really wanted me to reward all tries for a while to get speed, so I just let it go. But, I did YEEHAW with my voice when he had a good hit. He's SO in tune to me he knows when it's been good. It helped us relax. I basically decided to start over in the back yard. Also, doing the full DW in the agility yard.
    Yes, initially I started on a wide plank. Slowly going to a narrower plank. I also used my a-frame really low, clicking for hits there. I am a terrible clicker, though, so going to the electronic strike plates on the narrow plank really helped me learn to see good hits. It is very hard to see good hits when you are ahead of the dog and after his teeter crash he didn't want to drive ahead for a long time, so I didn't know when he had good hits and rewarded too many jumps, damn it. From behind it is easier to see good hits.
    Now all my planks are only 10" because that's what my dog walk is. I don't use the strike plates on the plank in the back yard because he, obviously, drives ahead nicely now!! :D
    We did this work before, so he is remembering it. The teeter crash really hurt all his work. Even obedience work!! It was such a set back for us!