Sunday, November 7, 2010

HT match yesterday!

The Spur-minator ROCKED!!! I wasn't sure how he would do indoors after his last indoor on rubber trial where he kind of melted down. I didn't linger inside with him for long before his run. There really wasn't any room for that, so we basically got in the building to the start line and ran!! I think he likes that. No cringing hearing a loud, banging teeter as he waits to run, just get in and RUN!
I tried to "test" his contacts by running as fast as I could and trusting him, but I do slow down some. Regardless, he NAILED them four times!! I only have two on film, but he did two before that nearly identical. Good little Spur Man!!

Roscoe, kind of down. Not sure what his deal was, he has always liked running there, but he was a little off.

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