Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Videos of the dirt agility

Roscoe's PGP. Love how he really digs in after the wrap at 3!! He didn't read my front cross at the jump after the chute well. WAY wide there! Dog walk contact, awesome dude!!

Spur's PGP. A little slow off the start line. That's a buggar for us and something we need to work on, for sure. Not his speediest work, but confident and happy! Love how he reads the front cross at the jump after the chute. AND TOTALLY love his teeter!! The cause of many of his melt-downs is becoming a "non-issue"!!! That damn teeter hurt his trust in me and has been such a long, hard road back to trusting in me. It was a very loud teeter and it didn't seem to faze him hardly at all!! He cringed a few times outside the ring hearing another dog bang it, but doing it himself didn't seem to bother him too much!! Good Little Monkey Pants!!!

And good little Spur Man for running his contact nicely! Very pleased with both dog's contacts that day!!!


  1. Nice work Spur! Great runs! Love the running contacts. I was over on Silvia's website and saw that you posted some of his running contact work. Getting ready to order her videos RIGHT NOW, and I am even doing the automatic down load option, because I can't even stand to wait a week to get them in the mail! Spur's teeter looked great, that was a crappy, fast moving, loud teeter and he totally took it in stride! I was wondering how Sophia would react to it, because it's definitely the fastest moving one we have been on, but she was fine! Nice work! The Y trial in April, we definitely have to meet up! So bummed we missed you guys!

  2. Yeah, still waiting for Silvia to comment on the videos. She has helped me privately in email and was asking for videos, but I never figured out merging them until now!! I'll post a new one tomorrow here. I think he is getting more confident and I am seeing more speed, but it is slow, as everything Spur.
    Yes! That was a LOUD and heavy teeter!!!! Did you see my post here on how I rigged my teeter to be louder? I need to weight it now, to make it slam harder and faster. :O Although, all his teeter work has paid off, he handled it just fine!