Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Am I crazy?

Yeah, probably. I just signed up for two seminars and a trial Thanksgiving weekend. We are going to Rich's folks for dinner, but just for the day. So, Friday I am taking The Spur-minator to a Lo Baker seminar.....YAY! Then Saturday a USDAA trial with both dogs. Then Sunday another Lo Baker seminar with Roscoe.

What else would I do? Go shopping? NO. Wash windows. NO. Sit around reading.......well.......maybe, but nope I am going to be busy. I can't wait!!! I'll try to get more videos that I can do slow motion with. I can hear your anticipation!!!! ;D

November, it's just gloomy. Yesterday's major storm did some damage to my agility yard. Not huge, I pictured my dog walk tipping over (it's happened before), my tunnels being lost in the woods (they made it to the weeds by the road!), my jumps strewn all over. Yep, they are. The damage? Some of my stick in the ground poles BROKE! First - that's strong wind, some of them have thick bases. Second - that's solid ground!! LOL!!! It is, it is packed sand with some tough grass and I did have to pound the poles in. Still, that's a first. They just snapped! Bummer, man! Oh well, time to put away some of my stuff anyway. Winter.........fast upon us.

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