Monday, April 28, 2014

So sad....

Last night we head to bed. I am reading and suddenly hear crying down stairs. Very sad, and kind of panicked. I run down and find poor sweet Colby in the middle of the kitchen.........lost. We leave a light on for her, but I don't know how much that helps her? She can't see much, period. And this has happened before. Last time I found her in the bathroom. She zigged when she should have zagged and ended up lost. We never move furniture, we never leave things on the floor, the house is always the same, but on occasion she gets "lost". I felt SO bad and put her back on her recliner and sat with her, snuggling for a while. She rested and I left her. She always sleeps downstairs now. Only coming upstairs if we are with her and she isn't at all comfortable on the bed any more. Not for the night, she will hang out some while we are changing, but that's about it. Probably afraid Spur will try to play with her and knock her off. Going blind SUCKS SO BAD!!!!!

She is getting out and seems to be OK about it and relatively happy. She is very slow and we keep some tension on her leash, keeping her from straying off course. It just sucks so bad.

Roscoe on the other hand is as feisty and happy as ever! Damn dog is going to live forever!!!! :D

His latest trick is progressing nicely. Sometimes the "Little Drummer Boy" appears and I have to take a step back to break the drumming habit, but then he gets back on track for the job. Silvia suggests finding an object now that he has to the shape doesn't fit unless a certain way. Hmmmm, I have to think on that one.

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