Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Death is hard!

Gritty died Monday. Well, actually the vet helped him along, but it was his time and we sure feel like it was the right time and he wanted to go. He had a strength to live and a zest for life like no other! His ancient body struggled so, but he rarely showed disappointment about that and put on a brave face and powered on even in the middle of this past horrible winter. I would greet him each week day (five days/week for the past ten years) and he would greet me with joy, every time! 
We walked the Oakhurst neighborhood. A VERY dog friendly neighborhood. It was not uncommon to walk along and meet 5 to 10 different dogs out walking. And several other wonderful dog walkers, too. Diana has a treat jar for "all the good dogs" duck taped to a post. Right next to the fire hydrant. Sometimes the dogs would meet there and us humans would chat like we were taking an office break at the water cooler. Everyone knew Gritty by name and he knew them all by smell. He knew their dogs. They knew him. Jack and Molly and Bailey and Denali and Jake and Shirley and Brownie and Douglas and Winnie and Ellie and Tucker and Roscoe and Monte and Bisbee and Piper and Brady and Mya and Hawk and Myra and Zeke and Sophie and Tootsie and I know I am leaving someone out. Gritty knew them all. 
I don't even know all the people, but they all knew him. He was an icon. He would have been 15 yesterday. The last of his siblings, they all died long ago. But, Gritty, given 6 months to live 3 years ago had that will, that zest, that presence to be who he was...........the most amazing dog! His people loved him to great ends. Their life revolved around him. So wonderful to be Gritty!!!

He lived the most amazing life! He had strength and courage and tenacity like no other. I remember walking off one day and suddenly the skies opened up. I mean like a monsoon!!! The roads flooded almost instantly. I had my rain gear and was dry and looked at Gritty to see if he was upset of uncomfortable. Nah........he never batted an eye, he just powered through the water like it was a fun event!
I looked forward to my daily visits with Gritty and our walks around the hood. The most amazing dog friendly hood. I feel empty and strange now that he is gone. He was such a force. His walks came in the middle of my day. Like a refresher! A visit with Gritty could re-charge me.
 Such an amazing dog!

 He was beautiful and regal and owned the world for a day shy of 15 years.
 The world lost a wonderful dog, but we will have these memories forever..................

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