Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is here, which means MORE time outside!

And, of course, not as much time for this blog. Plus, it just seems to take "forever" to recover from time away. Not sure why that is, but I am STILL trying to catch up! Finally managing to connect with the book I am reading......."The birth of wings" or some such name. See? I can't even remember the name! By Sue Monk Kidd, who wrote Secret Life of Bees, which is sitting on my desk to be read. Never saw the movie either. Not sure why I chose this book. Another slave story. Last year I read about the Lincoln's dressmaker and very much enjoyed it. Enjoyed The Secret Life Of Henrietta Lacks, too, but enough slave books! Slaves, slaves, slaves, why all the slave history?? Rich is heading to the bahamas with his niece and nephew for their graduation. I look up the history of the bahamas and it is ALL about slaves. It was a slave colony for years. A safe heaven for them. The history is rich!!!!

What took me so long to get into this new book was my annoying inability to follow a story line sometimes. We watch TV or movies and I am constantly having to ask Rich what the hell is going on!!! Once I figure it out, who belongs to who, or where or what, I am fine, but until I am totally clear I find myself wandering and thinking about dog agility or gardening or hiking. So, this book as chapters that are each main character. I then learn that one of the characters has two names. So, Hetty is Handful. What?????? They are the SAME person???? OK, that took me 100 pages, damn it! But, now it is more clear. At least, for now. I am halfway done and liking it more.

My other excuse is my computer and iPad are not functioning well. Computer is antiquated and SO slow. iPad is having an irritating issue of dumping me. Meaning I will be making a post or working on editing a movie or whatever and boom..............back to the home screen, all my work gone. :O THAT is annoying!

Electronics are SO awesome and wonderful, until they are no longer awesome and wonderful! We will look back some day and wonder how did we ever get along without them?????? Now I sometimes wish I never had them, life would be easier? Less complicated? Less annoying??? I might stop and smell the roses more???

Well, I must live in the moment and the moment means WITH electronics! And I very much enjoy my electronics, so..........sigh..............annoyed I will be, until they no longer annoy me. Huh, when will that be?????

I leave here the video of three of Spur's runs from Nationals. He ran fine, mostly happy, mostly fast. Not his fastest or happiest, but he was SO happy outside the ring. Prancing and leading the way down the halls and saying HI to anyone who would stop. Such a happy boy in crowds and noise and chaos!!!! The footing bothered him some, he jumps a little odd and too big at times. He VERY much worried about the DW, you will see him zoom up it then come down at a trot and look back at it as he leaves it as if maybe he thought it was a teeter and was going to recoil? It was VERY bouncy. Too bad they had to use crappy equipment, but when a company sponsors them, well, they use the equipment. Too bad the company didn't suck it up and admit their crappy equipment and DO something about it, but maybe they will now. Buzz all over after was how crappy their equipment was.

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