Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Nationals

OK, so I am having trouble loading Spur's video. Damn cyberspace!!! So, all I have are Chip and Trudy's video. The thing to watch here is...............well..........of course, super awesome Trudy, but Chip has only been doing agility for ONE YEAR!!!! Trudy is barely three! Chip's handling needs some work, but OMG, how well he manages for being so green. Damn, most people are all thumbs at that stage. It takes years to get good at handling and especially handling such a fast dog. Really impressive.

The other thing which you may not see is how damn wobbly that dogwalk is. Really bad. It scared many dogs. Very disappointing that AKC used such bad equipment. I mean, they spend hundreds on public awareness and advertising and use such bad equipment at Nationals???? Yes, J&J was a sponsor, so I get it. Use their DW. Funny thing, they used Max 200 supports for the J&J dogwalk during finals. Did anyone else notice that???? I have no idea why J&J did not figure out how to fix their bouncy dogwalks during the event. I can be quite sure they heard the buzz and complaints about it??? If you are advertising your company at a huge event, wouldn't you make the changes needed to keep your name in good standing? I am now reading on facebook about their bouncy dogwalks and someone just wrote asking what type to buy. They did not attend Nationals, but people are responding.........."no J&J". :O Dudes, time to fix your dogwalk!!! I mean, seriously, how about a public apology and some design change????? Maybe because I am married to a media marketing guy I think about these things?? NO, this is advertising 1O1!!!

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