Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So much going on!!!!

First and foremost GOOD weather finally!!!!!
So many birds around now!!!!

and a turtle! 

Waiting to see the male Baltimore oriole. 

Been wicked busy here. last weekend my friend and I did a running contacts seminar. It was awesome 
!!!! Five participants running their dogs and we helped them analyse their running and helped give them a plan. I don't think I am a great teacher, but maybe I am underestimating myself. Everyone seemed pretty pleased!!! and we have been asked to do it again!!! I don't know, it didn't make us much money and took a day away from doing other things. 

No trials lately. Taking a wee break. spur needed a break. We have been doing some practice at home and he seems pretty happy with that. Lots of hiking in the woods. Lovely weather, no bugs, just cute little minks!!! How cute is this little thing?????

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