Tuesday, April 1, 2014


well, that was sure a long event!  Mostly because the last day brought heavy rain, sideways hail and ice. NOT fun for packing the cars and getting the dogs out to potty on cement. but, we hung in there, Spur had a kind of slow and worried last run, but over all was SO happy being there!!! He loves big, crowded events and leads the way through the crowds. such a funny little guy!!!

Spur's first three runs were much nicer and I will load those videos later. He must have worried some about the footing and equipment, but he had some respectable runs and looked pretty happy for the most part. the equipment sucked, really. VERY bouncy DW and some crappy teeters, really uneven dirt, but we were at least indoors and dry and warm!!!!!

 My roommates were awesome, wish I had taken a photo of our stall. You could rent a stall if you were a lucky draw and we were. which mean crates and pads and chairs could be set up so we had a "home base" closed off from the caos. THAT was AWESOME!!!! The dogs could get out of their crates and stretch and be with us and we could relax and have some peace. It was SUPER nice! Thanks Joy!!!!!

I met the future mother of my puppy this weekend!!!!! OK, so I have no idea if she is spayed, but she is FABULOUS!!! Meet Trudy!!!!

Trudey is a mini Aussie run by a guy brand new to agility!!!! She is LIGHTNING fast and super sweet. Perfect size!!! 22lbs of solid bone and muscle!!!!  Her breeder is form CA unfortunately. I am NOT ready for a puppy, but I sure will be watching this dog and her line!!!! I hope to have video soon, but back to reality and a regular work day today!!!

And, when I got home my amazing husband had the house SPOTLESS!!!! and that, after being away skiing for the weekend, so he had to manage the house sitter and dirt from a weekend of rain and mud and dirt with the Pin Heads in and out and changing sheets on the bed!!! He ROCKS!!!!! Plus, Friday he texted me a photo of the Pin Heads walking at the park!!! LOVE!!!!!

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