Friday, April 25, 2014

Is it really spring????

It has been SO cold and windy, I just get annoyed!!!! Which has become the most popular word for teenagers, it seems. Everything is ANNOYING!!! Rich spent a week with two and he said if he never hears that word again, he would be happy!!! I spent one day with one and found MYSELF using that word too much!!!!

OK, so the cold and wind are IRRITATING!!!!! frustrating!!!, Maddening!!!! Disappointining!!!! Most of all, though, annoying.  really, really annoying!!! such a tough winter, we SO deserve a nice spring and it isn't happening. I know I should be happy it isn't snowing, but I am not. I am not happy we have had only ONE warm day in weeks!!!!

I guess flickers have a third eyelid, I get many shots 
Ike this one......

The swallows are already here!!!!

such a classic Maine photo!!!

The phoebes tried to nest in the barn again!!! My plan was to stop them before laying eggs, but damn it in ONE week is appeared!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I I knocked the nest work down and there it was. But, I am still glad, they can lay more eggs, but NOT in the dangerous barn!!! last year watching the babies leave was horrifying as the barn cats stalked them. 

Jewel is slowly shedding her winter coat. Soon enough she will be shiney and sleek, but right now a bit bedraggled.


  1. Amy, the Yellow-shafter Flicker is beautiful. I've been hearing them in the neighborhood in So. Portland. What kind of a camera and lens do you have?

  2. Janis it is a canon sx40hs and no separate lens. It is not an expensive camera, like $350-400? LOVE it! Not great for indoor shots or low light shots, but FABULOUS for perfect light shots and has a GREAT zoom! Also, not super for high speed shots, but that could be handler error. ;D

  3. You get some nice photos w/ them. I really enjoyed them. I have a Nikon and hope to practice some close ups this weekend, now that we actually have flowers blooming. My long term goal is to photograph butterflies.