Friday, April 18, 2014

More videos

Sorry again I seem to run out of time in the day to post a blog update. These were from last weekend.

Spur finally got a smaller ball and boy, is this one going to be easy for him. He'll be rolling it across the room in no time!!! He LOVES it!!

Some training with Spur. Still not that comfortable with the tight twisty stuff. That is going to take SO much time and practice, I think. But, we will keep at it. You might think I practice a lot, but I don't really. If I set up some more exercises for him I think we could work this out, but lately he has had a bit of a break while friends come train or I train Jones.

I figured out super slow motion editing the other day. COOL!!!

Latest session with Jones. Lowered the second apex about 15 links. Got some perfect footwork, but he does seem slower. Timed it and, yes, he is slower. We know now that maybe his back hurt? He is on prednisone and rest. Poor buggar. Who knows when his back started hurting, he seemed fine during this session. We had a nice walk after and he seemed his normal self, but this session he was on average .1 seconds slower, sometimes .15 seconds slower. Curious thing. You can tell, he looks slower, but his rear feet separation is GREAT. Curious thing.

He sure knows his job and I would say his project is finished. Yeah, we could train some more, for sure, always since it is just plain fun, but I think he fully understands his job and should only get better and better.

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