Friday, March 28, 2014

AKC Nationals, when we design our own courses!

How fun is that???? well, not all of us do that, but apparently I do! Yesterday I ran the judges course, but today I decided we needed to add a jump. And then we ran clean!!! MY course!!! :D 

The trial site actually kind of sucks. Seriously bad areas to potty the dogs. No grass except for one small section. 2000 dogs makes for a LOT of elimination needs. Goodness, what were they thinking?????

does that look like a good potty area?????

but, we are managing. There is a lovely hiking area not far from the site and each day we have had some great walks!!!

Even saw a snake!!!! A nice sight, sign of spring. It was sleepy and slow from it's long winter.

Saw a flock of great blue herons and a pair of white swans!!!

we met our friends along the way. A motley crew of little dogs!!!

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