Wednesday, February 5, 2014

we went to the beach!

I haven't been to OOB in a while. Mostly because Colby can not do that long a walk these days, so I hate to leave her put. We have been making a point to take her to the park where the paths/roads are plowed and good for her. And less likely to run into other dogs, which she doesn't mind, except when they bound up to her full speed, which does happen at the beach. the park area we go is an on leash area, so we rarely run into off leash dogs. I let Spur off and he chases the squirrels!!!! but, last Sunday I just HAD to get in a nice, long beach walk. Met up with some friends, other early risers. The low tide was early on the morning. We had a BLAST!!!!

shona's two Aussies know Spur well and they all get along. We met up with some other folks, all dogs Spur knows, but they had to leave early and Shona and I went to the pier and back. About a five mile total walk. Wicked fun!!! The dogs can REALLY run at the beach. So nice and flat, they don't have to worry about footing, it is awesome!!!!

We ran into lots of others, but one stood out. A chick with a springer in a jacket. She looks at our three and says......"Are they a family." And I say...."Yep, Mom, Dad and the baby"...... And I said it with a straight face and quickly before Shona could answer. the chick says...."The baby has not grown much".......and I say..... "Nope, still a baby".......and we carry on our way with me and Shona bursting into giggles!!!! 

Her dogs are both boys. Nevis and Rankin. we have gotten this before, I just never could pull it off without losing it.
they do look like a nice family!!!

Later that day....Spur's hair seemed to fluff from the salt air!!!!!

No beach walks today. We are back to a blizzard. Just when the birds were singing and enjoying snow free coverage, BAM! Back to deep winter reality! Sucks, Colby had just enjoyed wandering the yard with no snow. 

Sorry, little chickadee, but winter has taken hold again. Damn it!!!

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