Friday, February 28, 2014

Is he happy?

He looks maybe not so? she sometimes stands over him, then nearly lies down ON him. THAT he can't handle, but this morning, she tucked in just close enough. He does like her and she does like him. I am glad. I am glad when my dogs are friends. Roscoe has few friends. Rich said the other morning..... I DO love him, I just don't like him. 

Yeah, sometimes I REALLY don't like him, like when he lashes out at Colby for walking too close. She can't see!!!!!! Spur never lashes out at him. 

We are back in the ice age again here. It is getting a little depressing. Took the dogs to the park, but it was COLD! At least the Pin Heads got to get out and do something DIFFERENT. I struggle getting through the day in the cold. Everything takes longer and it just wears me out. I am SO sick of it!!!! I haven't even found time to train tricks. Hard to believe!!!

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