Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Geez, this winter is brutal!!!!

the snow storms just keep coming!!!! Spur doesn't really mind, except when his paws get cold, which they have some lately. 
He gets pretty excited when the horses race Round!!!

Sweet Jewel getting frisky!!!

So, over the weekend Jones competed at Westminster in agility in NYC. I need to get video, but here is a photo of him after his win!! He WON his class!!!! And beat the sheltie we have been trying to get hm to beat with his running dog walk!! YAY Jones!!!! he looks less than thrilled!

The snow, annoying!!!!

We did manage a nice hike in the woods with Irene and her person. she is such a pretty girl!!! a bit much for Spur, but he is getting used to her. She is young and strong and vibrant!!! Noce girl!!!

I hear another storm coming. waaaaaaaaa..............

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