Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wow, nearly a week???

Since my last post!!?? Everything takes longer when it is cold, that is the plain and simple of it! I saw a cleaning service at one of my jobs yesterday and the guy says to me........"Oh, your jobs must be a lot shorter these days". Huh, well, maybe my WALKS are a bit shorter, but certainly the jobs are not. It takes just as long. Getting in and out of houses with my hat, mittens, ice cleats, coats on dogs, etc., just all takes so much longer. And my chores at home take longer. There is the woodstove, the water for the horses, the heater disks for the barn kitties. Everything takes LONGER in this weather. And then at night, I am DONE by 7:30. Collapsed on the couch wondering why I am so tired. The dark, too, adds to that. Very thankful to have a couple sunny days. It sure has been a dark and dim winter.

OK, so as seems to be the trend, more trick videos!!! What else can we do?? The dogs, even the 15 year old Pin Heads, are driving me nuts! Spur has been out snow shoeing with me some, but some days it is just too cold.

So, our latest is Spur learning to roll a ball. Session number three. I first started sitting down, but then he just leaned on the ball and so Silvia told me to stand up and reward up with him standing on the ball. He sure seems to have this one and should have it fluent pretty quickly!! I will go to a smaller ball next!!!


And this is from the trial over the weekend. Spur did GREAT! His best favorite friend Mary was there and she sure knows how to get him excited before he runs!!!! :D


  1. LL and V!!! Well, yes, tiny bit faster. Not quite 5 yps in jumpers or 4 in standard, but VERY close. 4.9 and 3.9 is pretty close. He has twice before done 5 and 4 yps in those classes. These are AKC classes. He has done faster times in USDAA without a table or weaves. The growling at the start was so cool!