Friday, February 14, 2014

She came right in and peed on the rug!!!!

The snow last night came down so hard it was nearly a white out. I decided at 10:00 to do some major shoveling so Colby would have some grass to pee on in the morning. Rich was pretty impressed when he let her out this morning, and she peed. I got up about two hours later (he is an early riser!!!) and fed her and then out to poop. Well, the ground is now coated with ice and she does NOT like that, so she just stood there. OK, in we go. Next thing I know she pees on the rug!!!!!! OI!!!!! Old dogs are sure a challenge!!!
We bought the rug because it is 100% nylon and easy to clean up these accidents, but STILL!!!! I have trouble getting mad at her, she is blind and going deaf and that has to SUCK!!!! I asked Rich if he SAW her pee. Um, we'll, he said he saw her start to squat and then went to fill his coffee. Hah!!! Yep, she doesn't just get it done any more, you have to stay with her and coax her and remind her, even in snow and on ice, must pee, girlie!!!!!

OK, enough complaining about this winter. (Do you REALLY believe that???)

On to a happier note, I found is awesome hot plate at the garden store the other day!! SO easy to make!!! Rocks glued to a piece of felt!!!! I am going to start collecting rocks for gifts to make!!!! SO cool!!!

OK, so let say SOMETHING nice about the weather.......pretty, right???? hmmmmm....

My beautiful agility yard!!!!

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