Friday, February 21, 2014

We are not olympians!

Spur is pretty enough, but he is probably the only one. Anyone else notice that??? They are ALL drop dead gorgeous!!! Is that a pre-requisite? You must be stunning to be an olympian? I just can't get enough of the skiing. But, then I fall asleep. Slept through Ted Ligety's run. Damn it! Last night was all ice dancers. BOOOOOOOOOOORinnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg. The music would start and I would yawn. What IS it with that music???? It seems like I remember some more upbeat music???? Or am I thinking other types of figure skating???? Watched curling this morning. At least it didn't have that music!!!!

We are pretty bored. When bored we do tricks. Here are some we are working on.....

Spur limping, session two -

Roscoe putting away toys. (I hope this works, the embed code looks different???)

Some others.....

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