Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There are some positives!!!!

To the endless winter. Rich and I walked this morning and we were dry and could walk on top of the snow mobile path without ice cleats!!! Did you read that??? NO ice cleats!! In fact, I have managed all week.......all two days, so far.......without putting my ice cleats or snow shoes on!!!! THAT is a positive!!!!! And it isn't muddy. I am celebrating today, what it is not. NO mud!!! See???? I found some positives!!!!
And this afternoon I got some excellent exercise digging out MORE wood for the woodstove. Yes, I dug through the snow, piled it onto a little sled and dragged it to the basement. Getting seriously desperate here, but........that is a positive!!!!! I got a nice work out and some more wood. It has to melt from the ice on it, even though it was covered with a tarp. :/ It is a positive.......we have more wood!!! 

Wishing I was back here.........

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