Thursday, February 13, 2014

More snow. What else?

The theme for this winter. More snow. I am REALLY not happy, but it does mean we train tricks. Today's session was bow with Roscoe and independent handstand with Spur. Roscoe has never been taught bow. Silly little guy offers drumming in a down and frog first. Hahahaha!! Since he is nearly deaf I am going to use a pointed finger down to cue bow. This was our first session, looks like it should be really easy.
Spur's handstand is at a stand still. No pun intended. We are not getting much independence, so I decided to try against the wall. He has always done it with the big chair or pillow held. He was unsure at first, so this was probably a good exercise. He improved quickly. You can't see it, but he stretches his feet really high a couple times. Super cute!!!

Another view of Jones winning run at Westminster. This one shows his DW really well. I think he did a 2, 2, 3 pattern, which is better. At home he does a 2, 2, 2 and at trials sometimes a 2, 3, 3. Still not totally sure at trials, but this run Dee runs really hard and trusts him, so I think he did well. How nice, she can just run and trust him!! SO proud! And WAY more fun than asking him to stop!

One of my all time favorite snow photos of Spur!

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