Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What no more double Q's???

We seem to be in a "dry spell". I think it has been SIX trials!! That is epic for Spur. He has been a Qing machine, up until now when we only need three for his MACH. Damn it! We SO wanted to get that during one of the 4pawrule trials, their MACH ribbons are ENORMOUS and beautiful!!! Oh well. He IS running great, and our NQ's are all silly, stupid mistakes on my part and his. Just little things.

Here are some highlights from last weekend's three day trial. I LOVE how he is off his starts and how happy and proud and barky he is at the finish!!!

I put in a map of a crazy dog walk set up. I have never seen that before, going into a wall, with an about turn. Trying to imagine a big dog handling that!! :O

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