Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another NQ!! GOODNESS!!

We are sure in a dry spell lately. This makes trial number 7, no double q. This time he blasted out of the short AKC chute and took a jump on the other side of the weaves. No video, but I can tell you I was LATE calling him out of the chute. And I knew that might be an issue. His class chute is very long, so the short chute is like a particle accelerator!! LOL!! A lesson to me to be EARLY with my cues!! Like as soon as he is committed to the chute I should have been calling him to me! Oi!!! Still, he ran great!!

Yesterday we worked on his hand stand trick. I call it "Bum's Up". We haven't worked on it since last winter and he didn't miss a beat. In fact, this was the first time trying it in a new location and with just my arm, not a pillow to reach for. OMG, he is SO cute!! I love when he throws his legs up straight!!! We still have some work to do getting it independent, but he sure has an understanding. I think getting him to figure out he needs to put his nose on the ground for balance will be the hard part.


  1. Bummer! I hate it when it's my fault!

    I haven't gotten to a unsupported handstand with Vito. If I don't practice on a regular basis Vito can't keep up the balance/strength to do it.

    1. LL and V!! I really don't know how he is going to figure this one out, but I am still impressed he got this far, so I think that Vito has SOME clue is also very impressive. It is a very impressive trick! Not one I ever thought we would get anywhere NEAR this close to. :D