Friday, January 25, 2013

Too cold for photos!

Although, I really do need to get new video of Spur's handstand. He almost did it independently yesterday!!! He cheats and ends up backing up to ME and using my body, LOL!!

I gave Jewel a head rub this morning after cleaning stalls and she is shedding like MAD!!! Hahaha, it is 3 degrees out there and the horses are shedding! They start losing their winter coat as soon as the day light gets longer. She has a thick winter coat on her right now. Desert Arab breed that she is, grows a minimal natural winter coat and would shiver without her man made coat.

The sun is strong and sure does help on these cold days. I wear a lot of sunscreen on the small area of face exposed. Forgot one day and my freckles POPPED!! Ugh. As I age I won't be calling them freckles any more. They will be "age spots". Damn it all!!!!

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