Thursday, January 24, 2013

No photos, no videos, it is just too cold

Although, I should film an update on Spur's handstand, because it is SO good!!

I manage to do fine in the cold. We have a big, beasty woodstove and passive solar house, so by the time the sun is up our house is about 80!!! I know how to dress, heater packets in my mittens and boots, bomber fleece hat, snow pants and 3/4 length down coat with a fleece lined hood. Yeah, my head is warm!!!. I get stiff, though, with all that on. And I also forget how cold it is! Walked dogs in the neighborhoods, shortening only those who seemed cold or where the wind was brutal. The goldens I walk just power along. So, tried to walk Spur out back, but on the snow his tiny toes got cold. According to the forecast, we may not be walking for a while. It is getting old. Being cold.

Colby is doing better, though!! Even eating without any xanax!! We are bringing out her special ball every morning and playing with her. Gives her some activity and some work out if we toss it on the chair for her to jump up and get over and over. :D She has lost so much muscle tone. The dog who always was fit and strong. Those days are over. But, at least she is feeling better it seems.

Roscoe spends the day chasing sun spots. He tried to move the vacuum yesterday from it's spot in the sun. LOL!! I moved it for him. Then the sun moved again to the vacuum. I gave up. The sun then went away. And we lit the woodstove again.

Last night on my way to dog class my little 4 cylinder car barely warmed up??? It is THAT cold. This morning, it is 0. And this along the coast where it isn't supposed to get that cold. Damn. The ocean is "steaming" because it is warmer than the air. I guess the ocean is warming us up??? Glad I don't live inland.

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  1. It's been absolutely freezing here this week, but it's starting to warm up! 20 degrees today has been a heat wave!

    Such great news about Colby!