Friday, January 18, 2013

Been so long I had to sign in!

Huh, I wonder how many days absent before blogger signs me out? It has only been since Monday! :P

OK, so what's going on? TOO MUCH!! Extra work this week with folks away. Then a big storm. That always sets me back. With little old MinPins it is really best to shovel enough snow to get down to the grass for them to potty. It just makes life so much easier. So, lots of shoveling heavy wet snow. I was bummed we got so much snow. It had almost melted enough to do some agility in my yard. Oh well. Spur and I did have a really nice snow shoe yesterday. HE does great in the snow! The MinPins stayed home by the woodstove with stuffed Kongs. They are bored.

So, I just have to tell a funny mother in law has had trouble with her feet. Not really sure the extent of it, but her feet hurt her to the point of nearly crippling her. It stinks, she is in a lot of pain and can't walk much. So, Rich's brother buys her one of those awesome foot/leg massagers. Stink you whole lower leg in and it massages your foot and calf. Sounded great, right? Oh, it hurt her. :( So, it gets returned and he then sends her one that she simply places her feet on and it massages the bottoms. She LOVES it!!! Rich and two of his brothers and their kids all went to Sugarloaf skiing. His dad calls them up there and leaves this message........."The vibrator arrived today and your Mom absolutely LOVES it!". OMG!!!! I can just hear the kids and guys dying over that!! Rich's brother actually recorded the message and played it back to their dad over the phone. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Now for something not so funny. Our bathroom project is just going from bad to worse. OK, well, we have had SOME good. The new contractor came and did all the walls and finish work, so that is done. But, now we have the tiled shower to deal with. We had hoped that the shower pan would be OK and we could just get the tile company to come fix/finish the job. Well, Rich tested it with water this morning. It seems that the pan is LEAKING!!! That is a MAJOR hassle. It means demo on already done work by the IDIOT we hired at the beginning. It is INSANE!!!! He had the gal to leave us a bill for $1000 for work he did before we let him go. Right!!!! It appears now WE will be handing HIM a bill for about $1500, or more, and that IS accepting payment to him for SOME of his $1000 bill. It is a mini-Holmes on Homes show!!!

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